Book Covers: The Great Gatsby

The most recent module BAGD103 or Creative Image Making, has led us to design varying 7″ record sleeves along with three book covers. The book covers have to resemble that they came from the same publishing house. Have to all come together and look like a series of books or a set.

Having looked into past Great Gatsby book covers, and alternate ones, these are shown below.


Wide range of design, from the minimal to the complex cover. The typography running thought the series of book covers appears to change slightly yet retaining a very art deco feel. The imagery changes from Gatsby to Tom and Daisy, each character okay a huge part in the book, there stuck in a triangle together. The use of the car, highlights the era the book is set in, an shows the wealth that they had achieved.

Appreciate the art deco feel, the use of simple patterns and textures to create a sense of being in that era. Art deco is a style that relates to a style of decorative art developed originally in the 1920s with a mass revival in the 60s. A wide use of geometric motifs, curvilinear forms, sharply defined outlines, often bold colours. 


Mina Boch designed this book cover for the book, it never got released. The triangle is a symbol for the love affair between Daisy, Tom, and Gatsby. The eyes and conjoined heads of Gatsby and Daisy force the reader to consider their similarities and relationship. How close and similar they all are to each other. Very simple use of design, using shaped to create meanings.

Have a couple ideas of how to make the three books connect and appear as there printed by the same publishing house. Want to create a maze, that i can screen print, and on top of that i wish to create illustrations of people who are connected to the book, could be the author main character, actor.

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby. The book tells a story of a wealthy and mysterious mansion owner Jay Gatsby, who’s new neighbour is Nick Caraaway a midwesterner who moves into the town of west egg on long island. It follows the relationship between Nick and Gatsby and his pursuit of a married women called Daisy. Orientating around the lavish mansion party that Gatsby throws. The story leads to his downfall as a bootlegger and then to his death.

Fitzgerald as a writer often drew experiences from his own life, to create these books. It has been said that he based the Great Gatsby on a man called Max Gerlach , who was a high-class man not a bootlegger but a car salesman.

Within the book there were a lot of nouveau rich characters with shady backgrounds floating around Society during the Prohibition era. Relating to the time and what was happening, drawing experiences from many others, and there stories.

The ‘Roaring Twenties’ was when the book was set around, the era was prominently known for economic prosperity, undivided wealth, the evolution of Jazz music and Flapper dancers. The economic boom came after world war one. The divide between women and men in social standings, how women ha nothing and where owned by the wealthy and rich.


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