What other skills do you need to acquire? What steps will you take to in obtaining these.


Being a designer, we already have a wide range of skills. Being able to use a wide range of equipment that translates through the different disciplines. Keeping up to date and on from with these skills is key to keeping your head above water in the design industry.

Keen interest of mine is Screen printing. They provide the facilities and a print club at the university, where students can develop there skills. Would love to get involved with that, and create some t-shirts etc, as a friend has a company Slack Tidy t-shirts, I have recently become an admin for the company. Would be nice to get there designs down to the studio and see what we can do. Being able to have a transferable skill when leaving university also would be ideal. As I may not go into graphic design job straight away, would like to develop a portfolio for both digital design an traditional. As important to learn the basics and traditional skills , that have now developed into a completely digital format.

Adobe Suite. Mainting a good level of the programmes, making sure that you know what does what, when the update happens. Keep testing yourself, do a little project once a month, rebrand something , create a logo, never stop working or designing, there is always an opportunity to create something great on a whim. Gain a wider knowledge an keep up to date with the programmes, as its former updating and changing.

Rhino. Would like to be able to gain a basic knowledge of 3D printing, as its quite a massive up and coming design technique. Having used it briefly in the Creative CV project, would like to be able to play around a bit more.

Presentation skills. Become more confident infant of a wider audience, Quite a good speaker, don’t feel that I get all that anxious or nervous. Be confident in what your presenting, memorise the words, keep it light an humorous, you want the audience to be captivated not bored. Interact with various people throughout there may just be through looking around the room, gesturing towards the, etc.



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