Who do you think are top five design companies within the UK and why?


Top five designer companies and why, this is all our personal opinion. Have chosen to select five individual designers , that i feel have influenced my style, along with five agencies.

Displayed the individual designers from worst to best.Based on my personal opinions.


Lee Hodges – Individual Designer.

Lee hodges is a local designer. Living in the town I was born an raised, have seen an heard of his work for years now. Visually pleasing artistic illustrations an bold uses of colour.

The process about his images and designs, is one of bold big colours and this great stylised personal drawings that are instantly recognisable as his own. There is a sense of texture and rhythm to each of his pieces there easily readable and flow well. The events posters use this to an advantage, making things jump and dance across the pages, through the connections in colour. The image relates well to the style of music he accommodates for.

The sketches will be then digitally mastered through a graphics tablet, or programs such as illustrator & indesign. The finial image still holds a sense of the original , the digital work doesn’t derive from the original sketch. Keeping his authentic style running throughout.

He is connected with the music side of his projects through Rambunctious Social Club, which are latin infused and inspired nights. Lee describes them as ‘each gig is an amalgamation of imagination – where madcap set design collides with wonder, dizzy DJ sets and interactive play.’. This works well through the work. Latin culture are major sources of inspiration for Lee, in particular the striking imagery surrounding Dia di los Muertos. Dia di los Muertos is the Mexican festival of the dead. Celebrated throughout central and south Mexico. Its a rememberance ceremony for those that we know have passed.



Jud Haynes – Individual Designer.

Jud is an American designer. An illustrator and designer, website developer, a concert promotor and a screen print artist at heart. He I known to work late into the night to avoid the daily life stresses, which is probably true for most designers.His artwork can be seen spread across album covers and festival posters.

The work of bud Haynes inspired me due to the screen print nature of his work. I appreciate the work for what it is, as a traditional way of printing posters, print, t-shirts, merchandise etc. He keeps the art alive very much.

The cut and paste approach is one I would like to apply to the book covers in the recent module creative image making. The festival poster world for Wolfe Island is done in this style. The posters consist of a bear an stress that where all cut out and pasted together to create a very natural looking poster.



Luke Lucas – Individual Designer

Luke lucas is an Australian designer, known for his typographical pieces.A freelance creative, art director, illustrator, designer and typographer.

His work focuses heavily on typography. Fascinated in the use of stroke lines and how it can change ones perception of a letter or word, changing the tone through stroke lines. Different ways of embodying a message through type.

When he was in college him and a friend created an inline skate magazine called Fourinarow. Within there first year they had produced a couple of editions of the magazine and decided to drop out of the course at the end of the year and pursue that business further. Having just learnt the basics of illustrator and indesign, it was quite the risky move, but thats what appealed to me about Jud as a designer, to drop everything, knowing that you can make what you have work and to pursue it with the upmost. The magazine ended up becoming quite successful ,distributing to around 14 countries overseas in the end.

The sheer want and drive that he has as a designer is commendable. This inspires me more to follow what you believe in an just to go for it, learning the basic skills to survive can sometimes be enough to get where you want within an industry an make a name for yourself.



Garry Milne – Individual Designer.

Gary Milene a Designer, Illustrator and self admitted life long skateboarder.

Skateboarding and the art behind that has massively influenced Gary. The age of graffiti , the varying styles of it would of played on his work influences, you can see this through varying pieces of his work. Painter with an over riding enthusiasm for producing work.

The work he creates has been described as morbid. I can see this through the use of bold colours, big block use of that. Creates these somewhat expression-less characters and creatures offset with an elegant use of flowing line, decorative pattern, detail and narrative. This then creates the story we see.

The characters he creates is where I draw my inspiration from. There all so unique and quirky. Each one appears to be these intergalactic beings. The use of skateboarding typography, is also a keen interest we share. There always so simple yet effective, letting the illustration or type speak for itself. The characters are so unique there easily recognisable as Gary’s work.


Sam Peet – Illustrator.

Sam Peet is an illustrator and designer based in Camberwell, London. He is a part of the Brother Of Stone agency. Which I have listed in my top five agencies below.  Represented by the George Grace illustration agency.

Icon design an graphics are one of his key skills. Used loads of handdrawn elements with lots of colour and texture throughout his pieces. Known to experiment properly with screen printing and risograph printing it lends well to his style of work.

His illustrative technique is unique to his style and way of creating textures, through vector work. Like the use of bold colours and thick stroke work, adds another texture level to his work.


Nishanti Choksi – Illustrator.

Nishant Choksi is an illustrator based in Brighton, working as an illustrator for advertising and book editorial. Studying at St Martins college in London.

Takes a lot of his greatest influences old New Yorker Cartoonists . The very minimal style of cartoon and illustration. Block colouring. There very adult like cartoons, yet bring an influence from old child hood cartoons he may have seen, or would of been around in that day and age of design. The use of bright colours, creates a visually pleasing image. The use of his clever characters and characterisations.

Old school techniques done in a modernist style.


Top Five Agencies.




Brothers of the stripe – Agency.

The Brothers of Stripe are a collective of designers and illustrators from around the UK. They work up and down the country being able to spread there work across regions. The team members are solely male , varying within there specialist techniques, and all picked for those. They have a philosophy and willingness to play outside of there original comfort zone.

One of my top five illustrators Sam Peet is a part of the brothers of stripe collective along with several other influential illustrators of our time.

They focus on image making, type printing and 3D pieces. The appeal to me is their hand-drawn approach with bright colour combos and a real sense of personality communicating through their imagery. Being able to connect through illustrations and not heavy text, is a big thing I’m influenced by.

A lot of there exhibitions are take overs and collectives with other illustrators , street artists and agencies. The video below if of the Great Brawl of china a exhibition that took place in the Design Museum in London. The exhibition was in connection with the Concept Lounge. The concept lounge curate and produce exhibitions within the illustration world, they take huge interest in the connection between the design and the community in question, how they work with each other or against.






Arlo – Agency.

Arlo a design agency ran by Patrick Filler & Ryan Halvorsen, based in Chicago. There design is heavily communication based, creating these memorable and timeless designs. They have worked for some of the biggest companies from nike to American eagle. Ryan is a well known illustrator in his own right, his work focuses on logo design, identity systems, and custom type.

Impressed and inspired by Arlo’s execution of colors and typography.  There website is full of these beautifully laid out images and past projects. Very simple yet effective form of design. Its clear that typography plays a part in there success in the design world, creating an abundance of logos.




Vas Ava – Agency.

Some even claim that Vasava are the deities of design – but the agency is far too modest to comment. The design agency come studio, come collective space for creatives, was started by Toni and Bruno, then later joined by Enric. This is displayed in there logo, an inverted triangle.
Started in 1997 in Barcelona. Now leading a team of 15 young people from various fields and disciplines. Ranging from Multimedia, Illustration and typography.
They have a new way of dealing with the creative process based on experiment and commitment, and the search for new communication values, trends and fresh ideas is what inspires them, its clear through there work, always on trend, with the techniques to colours. Capturing the most excitement we can and generating inputs. 





Magpie Studio – Agency.

Magpie studio was started by David Azurdia, Ben Christie and Jamie Ellul. Created in 2008, with a plan to make an create beautifully clean artwork, there heavily driven by constant ideas. There portfolio is a work of art, so clean , full of beautiful work presented in an outstanding way. Working for clients such as Channel 4, British Heart Foundation.

There work follows a great sense of clean lines, using clever illustrations, to emphasis the work but yet not over crowding it. There design inspires me to create these patterns and shapes, that can hold a great meaning behind it, without overpowering the project.




Tomato – Agency,

Tomato is a London based design agency. Full of creative collaborators, designers , musicians ad writers. There deliver work across a range of platforms from , multimedia to big commercial projects. Known for publishing books, creating exhibitions and live performances, there an all round group of creatives that have all the fun.

The group has been at the forefront of award-winning work for more than two decades. Gaining each and every reward you could possibly want in the design world. Tomato’s work is not so much about ideas, though it is richly informed by them, as about emotion and expression, at attempt to go outside the box and declare it as that. There work is full of fun and high levels of creativity. Ranging from the old school techniques that stand out and always will, to the new multimedia practices. Yet they combine these to work perfectly in sync.



Images & Sources –

graphic design studio















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