Festival in a Box : Website

2 inside BOX.png

Originally wanted to create a stereographic projection that would link up to the QR code, on the back of the business cards. This was harder than it seemed even with software an tutorials I couldn’t quite crack it. Have decided as didn’t want to lose the validity of the QR code, an it be there for no purpose, an having created the alternate WordPress site for it. Decided to create a series of photos of the project, to just show it, will be linked with my varying social media pages and the university blog.

Created a new site on WordPress and choose one of the free themes called Cubic.It clean an simple an can allow me to upload images that will display the box.

Then changed the site title to ‘Festival in a Box’, the tagline being ‘Get Messy Get Involved’. It then instantly allows the client to connect with the box.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 20.38.41.png

Then uploaded some images to the site. Simple process of pressing the plus button in the ket at the top of the page. Add media. Cropped the image to allow it to fit to the page.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 20.48.36.png

Changed the format of the post into image, then posted 7 blog posts with varying photos, of the box. Hope this will display them well, wish I could of done the projection, but managed to get some good photographs.




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