Festival in a Box: 3D Objects

For the Creative CV module we have been tasked with thinking outside the box, and create something that would entice an employer to hire you over every other designer going. Thinking out the box I decided to create a festival in one. It will link into the sector I wish to work in.


Having created the box for the festival to sit in, I wanted to take advantage of the facilities available to us at PCA. We are lucky enough to have 3D printing facilities, at the Fab Lab.

The Fab Lab is a digital fabrication laboratory that offers endless to experiment and innovate using the latest technology. If you visit the link attached to the Fab Lab, will be able to watch a video of the facilities.

The lab has a couple 3D printers that offer varying specs, the one I decided to use was the Ultimaker 2 Go. Its the smallest version they offer , yet that doesn’t take away from the overall print quality.  Not being savvy with the 3D programmes that are offered at the Lab , we choose to go down an alternate route and use a website where you could download 3D assets.

Thingiverse is a collection of assests. Off the website we got the beer bottle and the speakers. More detail in regards to the process see the 3D printing blog post.

With the speakers wanted to encase them in a wooden effect. Found some Bolsa wood , which you can pick up form any modelling shop. Its a very thin wood, quite delicate to work with.

18010261_10155251684826468_5998711347883747873_n   18057131_10155251684716468_5302918412851275367_n18033955_10155251684721468_8210099009272633040_n18010676_10155251684736468_2608632136765220432_n

Using double sided sticky tape and tracing round the speaker to get the correct size wood. Then being careful attached it to the speaker. The effect works better than I thought, an works well against the green and textures that the box already offers.


The beer bottles would follow a similar progress traced around the bottle and measured the circumference to make are it would fit around the bottle without to much excess. Colouring the white stickers in green with a gold band across the middle. This would allow the user to connect with the bottle an insatiably recognise that it was beer.


Made a sticker for the bottles, using white adhesive labels, tracing around the bottle and rolling it over two three times, as to allow for enough space for the sticker to cover the bottle.


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