Festival in a Box : Box creation

The Creative CV module has lead me to make a Festival in a Box. Have many elements that have been shown on this blog, the business cards and the instruction manual. Going to show how we recreated the boxes, using the box that Graze had sent.

Got in touch with Graze the snack food company in regards to the boxes they use, as there the perfect size to mail through the standard letterbox. This then eliminated having to try an package the CV in another way.

Took the graze box and took it apart, being careful as to not rip or tear any of the folds.

IMG_1182        IMG_1179IMG_1186              IMG_1197

Then traced the box. Did this in two separate parts. Using the actual Box, we traced this onto thicker card. The inner bit I have altered to accommodate the pieces in the box, that I am adding in. Taking out one of the four compartments and making it into one.

IMG_1307   IMG_1309

To create the insert, used the same method but on thinner card. The inner would be covered in modelling grass, to give it that added effect of being a festival.

IMG_1302   IMG_1303


After adding the grass stuck it down to the inside of the box and the top of the insert.


Once attached the grass make two holes at the front of the insert , around 5mm thick to fit in the 5mm thick batten, this will be linked to the bunting, that will dangle at the front and sides of the box.

We then attach the backplate pattern which follows the same pattern as the business card and the guide. Keeping the continuity throughout the project.




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