Creative CV Guide

The main element of the Creative CV, is displaying my skills. Have chosen to create a Festival in a box. Having traded at festivals for 6 years as well as attending them since the age of 13, i have collected a range of memorabilia. An feel this is where i want to take my career, designing for festivals and events around the world.

The guide acts as my curriculum vitae. Giving the employees a chance to understand me as a person and a designer. It will be illustrated with drawings that have created in illustrator. Feel that images and cartoons are a better way of presenting myself rather than fill a book with words, to much text will put the client off.


Taken the dimensions from an already existing festival guide. The guardian guide to Glastonbury. Have measured the existing guide 6.5cm X 10.5cm. (65mm X 105mm). Created a new document on Indesign using these dimensions.

Set the document up on indesign added a bleed of 3mm. Took the margins down to 6cm.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.53.33

The Front and Back covers will have the same pattern across the pages. Have taken elements from 90’s patterns found. Was born in the 90’s so feel the decade reflects many of my design influences. Using adobes free assets , downloaded a pattern to attach to the guide.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 09.23.34

Using a typeface that i have downloaded from Dafont, the typeface is called Rainfall, it is a bold font, easy to read. Choose to make the type white against the pattern as to allow readability and legibility , it stands out an as my CV, the name is quite important feature. Want the client to know who made the product.

Have created a Life Map to illustrate where an what i have been doing since i was born, and how i came to be where i am now.

Life Map

Simple yet effective. The drawings where drawn on illustrator using the brush tool, and taking the stroke level down to 0.25, to give a pencil thin line. Using the anchor points to alter finer lines, an help bring the drawings together. Certain aspects are bigger , thee highlights the experiences that i personally enjoyed, and feel that i thrived in that area.

One of those being Hopper House which is a creative collaboration centre, for kids and adults that i have travelled around festivals for the last 6 years, we offer a range of space hopper races, art & crafts, music and a 24 hour tea tent.

The PCA building which is when i had a bright idea in 2016, shown by the lightbulb, to go and get more creative an build on already taught skills.

The initial first page highlights what i think makes me as a person and at the bottom is an illustration of me. Again this was created in illustrator. Ws going to take a photo and apply a filter to this but the effect didn’t work out how i wanted, to continue the continuity of the CV choose to go down the illustration route. Using the same colours throughout as to not overload the page.

Guaridan Guide Creative TRY


The skill section i broke down into two. One being the creative side of me that would appeal to the employer, and the other to show what i do and who i am, as not being able to met every employer you need to be able to create a first impression. It allows them to get a rounded view of you. Choose to highlight the Devonian in green as it relates to the devon flag and the colours in that. Similar to the Disco lover comment , the colours relate to the LGBTQ flag, which also highlights a big part of my life and of who i am.

insert-image-1-devon-flag    1280px-Gay_flag.svg.png


The education and hobbies pages. The education is lacking but this is also highlighted in the life map at the beginning as education when i was younger wasn’t something that i enjoyed at all, if anything it was probably 5 years of turmoil for both me and my parents. It was a blessing to them when i applied to art college and got in, as both my parent sweet to st martins art school. The hobbies highlights what i love to do again in the form of simple illustrations.


The festivals page, has collection of logos of companies that we have worked with over the years through Hopper House. We have worked with over 15 festivals, but the ones selected are our favourites. The logos also work nicely within the layout.


The QR code will link to the website This will then have a digital version of the festival in a box, that hopefully will look like a stereographic projection , which when applied to photography, create a little planet effect.

The full version here.

Hope Parnell Guide


Images & Sources –


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