Which ways can you use interactive “self promotion” in obtaining job opportunities.


Which ways can you use interactive “self promotion” in obtaining job opportunities.

Self promotion & branding within the design arena is a big name game. Its important to separate yourself from other designers, to make yourself stand out. Having a organised portfolio isn’t the only route of self promotion.

Using your up to date technical skills to develop creative cvs, business cards, blogs & websites are all great ways of getting your work out there. Social networking not only on a digital level, but attending gallery nights, fairs, events, can help you to met people of a creative mind , and get your work out there. Always carry a Business card on your person, to be Abel to hand out an the nearest convenience.

Make sure that you keep your business cards, website up to date with your most current work. The clients will want to see what your doing now, what projects you’ve got going on, process and development of them. Try and post one item a day on either a blog, or Instagram, Facebook and twitter. Have to keep social presence in the design world.

Stickers are another way to get yourself out there without having to interact with some many peoples. Being able to have an eye catching sticker that maybe asks a question, gets people talking. Shepard Fairey did this through the use of his Andre the Giant has a Posse sticker. Wrote an essay on this phenomenology of stickers and how creating something out of nothing is easier than appears. By spreading yourself far and wide you open up several opportunities that may not have fallen at your feet before.

A blog is a digital form of telling a story through your creative processes.Put your name in lights when building a website, after all its your digital platform to show off. Its an essential first point of contact these days. Maintaining the site is as important as the creation.

The site itself is all about you an your work, so highlight that. Show yourself off, Big yourself up. Keep it dynamic , use styles you like, don’t go following the crowd no one likes a sheep.

People want to be kept entertained, to have a level of interactivity with the designer, to feel like there involved. You want to inspire the interaction that happens between client an designer.

Charity is a good way to do promotional an free work , an avenue to met other big clientele , don’t go free all the time. Wont harm your creative conscience. In fact it could aid it.

Its good to involve yourself with varying clientele & a range of work platforms. To keep yourself up to date as a designer in the new technology’s, new theory’s, new styles.

If you get to the level of having you very own studio, where the make an create comes alive. Open it up for the day have a show ‘n’ tell process, where anyone can walk in an take a look at your recent projects. This could gain you new work & ideas.

Dont forget , you don’t have to spend all your time opposite a computer. Go out into the world just because your a fully fledged designer does mean you have to miss out on life. Exhibits events & festivals, these are always good places to just talk to people, met people who have the same creative mind as you.

Talking is the one tool i think designers are forgetting about, you can be as persuasive through speech as you can be through a piece of work. Its good to be able to communicate your work & ideas in more ways than one.

Creative CV and a up to date portfolio are great ways of keeping yourself apart from the others, having a different way to present yourself and your work. Have chosen to create a festival in a box for my creative cv, as it links into the sector I would like to work in for future graphic jobs. The events and festival industry. The box contains a guide to my skills and life in general, a business card connected to a QR code, which is linked to a digital version of the physical. Some 3D printed objects speakers and beer, then some home made bunting, these shows varying levels of design skills, through the traditntal to the digital.

People first and foremost want to be captivated and entertained by a new designer. Keeping up to date in digital practices and not forgetting about the traditional is as important. Try an keep yourself one step ahead take initiative and create projects out of ideas, not only client work. Spend your time looking into new design trends, new techniques.

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