What Skills Do You Already Have.



What skills do you already have.

As a first year graphic designer, everyday I am picking up new skills and learning new techniques. From the old school to the new school, traditional to digital. The skill set that I had already gathered over the years from trading at festivals, and previous educational facilities, is know becoming a wider range of more homed skills.

Previous education has helped me to know that I wanted a creative career. When I was in sixth from college at South Dartmoor, spent three years there studying, Media, Film Studies, Imedia, Graphic Design and Philosophy and Ethics.

Through the creative courses there I gained a great knowledge of the media around us and how its created to cater to certain aspects of our day to day life. That then opened an interest in the Graphics, advertisements, media, and movies. Inspiring me to want to learn how to achieve that.

Working at festivals for the last seven years as a trader and production assistant, taught me to be an organised individual. To be able to think on your feet, and generally opened my eyes to more creative avenues. Meeting so many people with varying job roles, some very high up in the festival world and some not so. They are the people I have learnt the most from, being able to work on the job and learn at the same time works perfectly for me, being slightly dyslexic I believe that my learning style if very different to that of the average , I prefer to be hands on towards everything I do. Like being able to create something an see it from the very first stage to the final, its a rewarding process.

We as a small businesses have a captive audience, they come back time an time again year after year. Hopper house is a creative collaboration centre where people can come get messy and get involved, being able to release that inner child as an adult, or just to let the kids loose for an afternoon. We aim to teach kids how to be creative through circus skills lessons, juggling ball making classes, face paint etc. Like to consider myself as a fun creator, making people smile and seeing the enjoy what we have created is the best thing I could ask for. And is why I enjoy the creative process.

Its taught me to be very open an willing towards everybody. To help and ask the other traders around us for help when needed. Made me more resilient, having to deal with certain tricking situations in the festival trading business. Keep you on your toes, having to come up with new creative ideas to entertain the kids and adults alike. It has also taught me to ask for everything, favours are and will get you further, you don’t ask you don’t get, don’t be afraid to chuck yourself in the action, to do that job that you have never taken upon before. Its all about being as interactive with your environment and surroundings working with them.

Adobe Dreamweaver is a web design/development tool that enables you to view the content of web you are inputting, alongside the HTML coding. Have used it to create previous websites for college work  & business purposes. It has developed somewhat to when I had previously used it. WordPress is the current site I am using, its easy to set up and yet very effective.

Illustrator. The industry-standard vector graphics app lets you create logos, icons, sketches, typography, and complex illustrations for print, web, interactive, video, and mobile. Having used illustrator on quite a minimal level when I was at college, coming to university has definitely retaught me what I knew, an heightened my skill level dramatically. Have a Wacom tablet, which works in sync with illustrator being able to create logos and branding materials.

Photography/Photoshop. Having studied film and media, photography came hand in hand with both these disciplines. My uncle is a professional photographer, was lucky enough to be handed down a film camera, of great quality. This allowed me to look at things through the lens and change a perception through that.

Stop Motion. Was a great love of mine when I was studying Imedia. Stop motion is an animation technique that physically manipulates an object so that it appears to move on its own. The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a fast sequence. Had to create a health and Saftey video when at college, used lego men to play the humans in the video. Made these mini health and Saftey signs, an showed lego men tripping, sliding and falling.

Drawing. Have always had a great love for drawing and doodling every since I can remember, both my parents are artists, runs in the family. Parents always used to play creative drawing games with us , for example the one when you had to draw the head pass it on and draw the body and then finally the legs, and each individual image would not work or would if your where lucky.

Teamwork. Number one team player, enjoy working as part of a team being able to bounce your ideas around and collectively work towards something is the way to progress, the creative industry is getting so full of pretentious one and band artists, its time for another creative team to take over. Would love to be a part of that.

Leadership. Qualities come from running a team of up to ten employees at festivals. Mainly a collection of friends, and people who wanted to get involved in the experience overall.

As a person I believe I have quite a welcoming personality which can help in meeting people. Being able to talk to them without feeling nervous or anxious. Calm an collective.

Remember you don’t ask you don’t get. Get messy and get involved in everything you do.


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