Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy


As part of the Secret Seven creative image making module, one of the given songs is Massive Attack – Unfinished. Robert Del Naja singer songwriter from Massive attack, also a well known artist , under the name of 3D, plays a big part in the designs of the album covers. Some of which are the most recognised album covers of all time.

The flame logo was appropriated from the Stiff Little Fingers album sleeve Inflammable Material.


They played an influence on Robert Del Naja, the album was one that held some power. The sleeve always stood out. In amongst all his punk records nothing was quite as graphic as that, yet being as simple.

With little training in Graphic Design Robert use to hand around copy shops and pick up work from there. You can still see this in his copy and paste approach.

When they were shooting the video in LA for Unfinished Sympathy , it was the build-up to the first Gulf War. They where major issues with the attack on Iraq personally and the press had begun to go loopy. Robert wanted to create an image using the hand but covered in oil as if in surrender with a bandage on it, mimicking one of the medical hazard symbols. It somehow suited the song. The band ended up famously removing the word ‘attack’ from the album sleeve because of the association with the tabloid catchphrase ‘a massive attack on Iraq!’ , had to turn that around. Goes to show that every symbol whether it be small or large has a meaning supporting it.


Here is a link to the original video.


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