Lennart Nillson


Lennart Nillson was a famous photojournalist , even a pioneer. He was groundbreaking in his field of work, as not only a photographer but a scientist come explorer. A very modest man who changed the way we see the development of a unborn life, making the invisible visible.

The idea behind the picture was always crucial. The ambition to tell an important story, to distil it into a series of potent images, and preferably to be the first to present innovations. A good photograph is a photograph that shows something no one has seen before. This was his forte.


“Time is of no consequence, it’s the result that matters.”

Lennart Nillson. 1

Lennart Nilsson worked as a feature photographer and became known at an early age as one of Sweden’s best visual narrators. Travelling far and wide in Sweden and the rest of the world, he made many acclaimed articles, mainly for illustrated magazines Se and Vecko-Journalen. He took a lot of photos of famous actors & musicians.


He took interest in the life of animals and humans, this is what led him to create the book ‘A Child is Born’. Its known as one of the best selling photo journalist books. His interest in technological innovations enabled him to photograph with a degree of detail that no one had seen before, in turn creating this visually stunning photographs.

Want to use some of these images in connection with the Creative Image Making module. Will be used for Massive Attacks – Unfinished Sympathy. Going to appropriate his image and manipulate it, to create this sense of missing every part, a body without a mind and a soul without a heart.

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