Julian House

Julian house is a well known British graphic designer. He works alongside an design studio called Intro, as well as owning a record company call Ghost Box. Working in house at intro as a creative director. An impressive range of work, from advertising , publishing, music and arts.

Julians design work can be seen to be a blend of technological skills, alongside old school craft skills. Blending the two together through collages is an admired skill of his. Through his techniques they have produced some outstanding record sleeves & album covers.

Collaging is what has created a few of Julians best known pieces. Primal Screams album Extrmntr was a blend of this. The cover consists of college football players, CNN news footage and an overall pop art feel. He draws a lot of his influences from old record sleeve designs and comic books. This is what he is best known for.


The Prodigy – Always outnumbered but never outgunned, was another album cover created by Julian. Again you can see the use of collaging blending with technical skills. War, disco, plague and not least propaganda were some of the references for the campaign visuals for The Prodigy’s number one album ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’. As well as designing the album packaging and sleeves for two single releases, Intro created a TV campaign to promote the album.



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