Big Active

Big Active are a D&AD award winning creative consultancy. There areas of specialisation include art direction, graphic design, content production and the representation of leading image makers. Its a creative collection of artists to exhibit there work.

The company was founded in 1990 by Gerard Saint, Paul Hethrington & Mark Watkins. They work with many clients in the fashion, music and media industries. Creating design with a sense of personality and memorable stories that connect.

Music design, for Saint, is the process of ‘creating something with a bit more love or care. Giving the sense of added value for money.’ He says: ‘If you want to download it – fine – but, if you buy it let’s make you something that invites you into the world of the recording artist.’ Getting into there mind frame, there artist routes behind the music they create, its not only something to listen to and be inspired but also something to be admired for the design. The design of an album cover can bring it an incredible amount of consumer interest due to its overall look. Each part of the album artwork needs to work together with the music.

The secret sevens project is all about, getting the consumer to be able to connect to the album artwork within an instant. Being able to recognise who the artist is and what song its portraying. Exploring the artists background as much as there music they produce is important, to create a well rounded view as well as creating connections.



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