Aesthetic Apparatrus

Michael Byzewski is the self proclaimed captain of Aesthetic Apparatus. The space offers both commercial and non commercial facilities. Working for local bands to international advertising firms creating impactful, iconic images for them and everyone in between. Has worked for varying big name companies from the Economist to the Black keys.

The style of works connects to retro images and graphics and exquisitely rendered typographic treatments. Tongue in cheek style throughout a lot of the campaigns that have been produced at the studio.

Has created several album covers, that can be used as inspiration towards the secret seven project or BAGD103.

Cake –  The band’s visual style was initiated by lead singer John McCrea, having worked with the client for many years, Micheal said that artist now want to go further out of the box than before.


The work that caught my eye, was that for the band Black Keys. The use of screen printing techniques, overlaying images to create an aged retro look, very clever an effective style of art. That can apply through the creative image making module. Due to it being a very distinctive style, going to use this in regards to the three book covers, as they have to be produced as if it was from the same art house.  Good start using the same techniques. Therefore the end result will have more of a cohesive view to it.





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