Political candidates must make themselves appealing to potential voters in a campaign, whether that be through the use of actions and words, or design of the overall campaign. Consumers are swayed by certain aspects of an advertising campaign, so why not apply this to politics. Candidates and their campaigns have understood the value of creating a characterisation of that particular candidate. So that the voting public will connect with them, therefore increases in name recognition, favourability, and likelihood of support.


Could in turn using certain colours and fonts have an influence on the voter towards that candidate. We already know that through varying social backgrounds colour can mean several different things, due to cultural and social upbringing. As people we subconsciously associate meaning with logos and connect ideas and opinions to visual elements.

Through the use of a logo we already hold emotional values, as having grown up with them. Then the consumer has a more immediate reaction when they see that visual element in the future, and tie the emotion to the idea and brand. The logo then best establishes value and legitimacy to industries and organisations, as they would do for political campaigns. Campaigns need logos and branding to create a presence that will be complete and uni ed to convince voters of the campaign’s organisation.

The logo or graphics involved in the campaign, its success with an audience lies if there is a perceived “truth to the statement of the graphic,” or the graphic honestly depicts the message it is conveying to its audience, but this is politics after all.

Shows us that the consumers are drawn to well-branded and products and graphics.


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