Feminism as a movement was the fight for women’s rights , a political group, hoping to influence and change views. There where three waves of feminism each one attempting to achieve more than the last, whilst keeping up with the cultural and political changes.

The first wave happened in the 1830’s. Initially it was the first step in fighting for women’s rights. In this time women where deemed lower than men, this effected women’s rights to education and work. Even women of some wealth and power, where only allowed to exercise certain orders, in there own property. Yet they actually had no right to owning property.

The right to vote for women was at the forefront of the initial wave. There was a huge rise in , women’s organisations, they were made to advocate for education, property rights, working rights, voting rights, etc. Feminists such as Voltairine de Cleyre and Margaret Sanger were still active in campaigning for women’s sexual, reproductive, and economic rights at this time. It was termed the Suffragette movement.

The second wave hit just after world war 2. It was a reaction to the stereotype of women. The ideal that women where to stay home an cook, and that the man owned the women along with the children, if they where married. It was about giving women the right back to there body’s and there minds.

Simone De Beauvoir was called an existentialist. A writer who influenced the minds of women around the feminist movement. Her book ‘The Second Sex’ examined the role of women during the 50/60’s.


The third wave of feminism came about , this takes places from the start of the 90’s to the present day. We are still working to get rid of the disparities in male and female pay and the reproductive rights of women. As well as to end violence against women in our nation as well as others.

There is a debate between whether feminist art was a movement of just a reaction to the times.  It has been compared to Surrealism, describing Feminist Art not as a style of art that can be seen but rather a way of making art. Female artists played with the idea of the form of the female body, gender and overall equality.

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