Ethics, Morals & Taste


Everyone has separate views on what is right and what is wrong, its natural to have varying views, dependent on your upbringing, your environment, and peer influence. The basis on how you think about things as right on wrong, fall to your ethics morals & taste. These can influence what you do as a career.

Any career will be challenged with ethical and moral issues. We work in a multi cultural environment where peoples views and opinions will be different. This shouldn’t effect your career in bad terms, just on what work you would take on , and who you would work for. But this can also be determined by a designers financial stability and want to progress in there career.

Ethics can be defined as universal values and social values held by any person. It inst effected by society.

Morals or morality , can refer to some codes of conduct that have been put forward by society, any religious group, or ones own codes, which would stem from that of educational and environmental background.

To a designer we have to follow certain codes and conducts to avoid any wrong doing such as plagiarism, or infringement of copyright. But we can govern our own morals and ethics behind our design practices. Personally there are certain big name companies that i  wouldn’t want to work for at all, being part of a big multi pound nationalist company does not appeal to me. I dont just want to be a designer that pushes pencils. and follows order, its for sure not in my nature.

There is an age old debate as to whether to work for free. Look at the recent talk we had with graham, ‘Working for Value’. He discuses the value of working and who for.

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