80’s Presentation


As part of our Visual Communication brief , we where tasked with creating a presentation that would encapsulate a decade. Harry, Jed, Mantas & myself where given the 1980’s.

We split the presentation into segments. Dividing the years between us equally, each person had a range of 2-3 years to discuss, and highlight key historical moments. The research was self involved, giving each of us a culture or style to focus on, this could have been films,tv,music, cultural movements etc.

Creating a timeline style presentation. This would be easier for the audience to follow, and pick up on the relevant quotes. The presentation was heavily based on visuals, no writing included, this allowed the viewer to browse at the screen, an connect through what the relevant person was talking about at the given slide.



Felt the audience reacted well to the presentation, there where intrigued by what relevant pictures we would discuss when the slide appeared. It was full of fun and enthusiasm from all participants. Each member of the group had some great moments to talk about, they where divided equally,and performed very well.


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