Animal Logos

Our latest project Visual Communication , focuses on creating a logo to brand a randomly chosen company. The company i had to brand was an Oil/Fuel company.

Have been looking into why so many companies use animals in there logos, and why this creates such a recognisable brand.

We have been exploring a range of brands and logos, specifically those which use animals within there brand. Collectively as a class we wrote down list of brands that we could think , a few examples are Enjoi/Puma/Coco Pops/LLyods/Abercrombie & fitch etc.


The list was quite large as a collective. Surprisingly a lot of companies use animals in there logos, some more relevant t0 the animal than others. Some are an instant connection between the animal and the logo, others make take a while to figure out why they used that animal, some may have more of a history behind them in which needs to be researched.

A prime example of the logo not being connected through obvious reasoning is Penguin Books. Its a logo that is instantly recognisable as penguin books, showing its cultural and political significance. Allen Lane was the creator of Penguin books, it was rumoured that he always wanted to use the penguin as they where seen as dignified , this he thought was good qualities towards a prestigious book company.

Below is one of the first versions, drawn in the 30’s .


Jan Tschichold, was the typographer being the logo. He was brought into the project to turn the quite amateurish drawing into something a bit more aesthetic. He helped evolve the logo without losing any of the crucial characteristics.

Even without the meaning behind the logo being obvious it stands as one of the most recognised logos of our time. Its our human perceptions of animal characteristics , that are used to full advantage to give us an idea about a product or company. Its an inbuilt association we have built over the years. Its been proven to be a very effective method of describing any product or company’s core attributes. Animal imagery will continue to help branding and tell stories.

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