Fuel Guidelines



Brand guidelines. Essentially a set of rules upon which your brand stands by. Contains the following basic elements. An overview of your brand’s history, vision, personality and key values.

The brand message or mission statement also known as tone of voice. The overall logo usage , where and how to use your logo including minimum sizes, spacing and what not to do with it, show it distorted, moved around, reflected, transformed.

Colour palette, highlighting your primary and secondary colour palettes with colour breakdowns for print, screen and web. The chosen type style ,the specific font that you use and details of the font family and default fonts for web use.

Image style/photography show examples of image style and photographs that work with the brand. Business card and letterhead design, examples of how the logo and font are used for standard company literature.

Theses are just the bare essentials when trying to explain your brand. Have been researching into relevant guidelines, fuel & oil companies.

Came across a Shell Visual Identity Package. Unsure as to whether this is the official guidelines. Shell Guidelines. They highlight the use of colour, where the logo can be placed, an how far the text can be to that, as well as much more. Came across there advertising and merchandising guides.

Exxon mobil or known around the UK as Esso. Only managed to find a small guideline. Have emailed them regarding the merchandise and application side.

Then Sinclair  an american based oil company. Managed to track down there Guidelines for 2015. Recent updated version. They had an example of a ‘Dino buck’ which had no monetary value, but acted much like a coupon.

Get a good look into what they add into there guidelines,. whats most important is the values, being a utility company, its there because its a service because its needed. So they have to make themselves stand out from the other competitors in ethics and morals. All about having the right tone of voice, key buzz words to associate with the logo and brand.


Click on the highlighted links to see the Guidelines.



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