What skillsets are needed by a Graphic Designer.


The skillset needed by a Graphic designer in today’s society, is forever changing. Yet we cannot forget the basics to any creative based job.

Making original sketches based on ideas from their clients and then use those sketches as the foundation for what will ultimately appear on the web or in print. Being able to draw is a skill. Being able to sit with the client and have a mock up on a napkin , a basis of an idea, could be the start of something big and has been for many designers in the past.

Typography maybe the bane of your role as a designer, but make it your strong point. Typography is one of those skills that has not degraded even in the modern digital age.

People tend to react positively or negatively to fonts depending on how well they match with the content and images on the site. Its something as a designer you have to be aware of. Should have a good understanding of font families, line-height, tracking kerning etc. Its the language of text in graphic design.

Adobe collection. Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign just a few of the applications used. Any given design software, will be updating constantly, you as a designer have to keep updating yourself as the technology does, dont get left behind. Learning how to illustrate with a digital software is always a worthwhile endeavour that make any artist a better one.

Having a knowledge in Colour theory. How to utilise, contrast, juxtapose, and mix different colours based on context is an invaluable skill. An one of the most basic.

Leadership is one of the strongest points when it comes to managing a project. Taking on a new project/responsibility, being able to take charge and hold your own amongst other designers is important.Learning to be flexible enough to realise when plans need to be changed be or accommodated.

Creative thinking , being able to take something that is seen as redundant and bring life back into it.

One of the most sought after skills employers seek in designers is an understanding of digital print production.Going back to basics. Even though your processes would be that of a digital format, you need to know how to screen print, how to use the risograph.

Having a clear understanding of web development is more essential than ever in an age where online advertising, and web presence are essential to every marketing campaign. Graphic Designers are usually expected to have some basic understanding of HTML and CSS, as well as web design standards. This skill can become a very lucrative one.

Networking is key in the day and age we live in. Being able get your work out there has been easier than ever, with the ever expanding platforms. But what happened to going out an meeting new clients , going to exhibitions, gallery’s, openings etc. Building a network of individuals, other Designers, Marketing Experts, Web Designers, Photographers, a team that you can expand your opportunity’s with.

Social media marketing, having a great social presence. Through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Instagram, tumblr, linkdin. There are so many platforms to get your work out there. Keep the world updated.


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