What job opportunities’ exist?

Within the world of Design what jobs can be offered. Being a designer your going to have a wide range of skills, that you can apply to the intended career. This will vary dependent on your creative background and what route you have chosen to go down, whether that be Print, Digital, Layout , Advertising.

Print design. An area of design that is somewhat bouncing back. It has been an ongoing struggle within the print industry due to the new digital age. Within trhe print industry be usually responsible for signs, billboards, magazines, newspapers, bus stop ads and countless other real, physical objects that all have to be designed and therefore represent meaningful work for lots of people.

Packaging Design. Much like it says on the tin. Design anything from boxes, bottles, cans, bags and cartons that fill every shelf in every store.Could focus primarily on label artwork , or generating new ideas for the containment of that product. Shampoo bottles are an example of a product with a container that is often heavily customised by each major brand.

Advertising and Marketing. The job exists in both Print and Digital world. Advertising and branding would be concerned firstly with branding and the public image of a product or company. The following aspects its logo, characters , typography, colours, messaging, goals, drive, etc. Advertising can completely shape a brand and how the consumer uses that product.

The marketing uses the existing brand design: logos, packaging, targeting, personality, etc. in a more sales-focused area.Getting the product into the most hands as possible, through several different strategies and campaigns.

Logo Design. More a freelance subject that a big company. yet a lot of big name agencies have built from the bottom to the top with just logos and icons. Connecting with the print world.

Motion Graphics & Game Design. Interlinked through the digital era. Motion graphics is in film making or video production context, through the use of animation techniques and several others.

Junior Designer. As the junior you would typically get put with the senior creative staff, to undertake a wide range of ambitious & innovative projects. To have an understanding of typography, layout, the basics of design, and be forward thinking to apply them to the relevant project.

Skills required in the adobe suite collection. Be a confident designer, believe in what your saying an trust your actions. Need to show that determination to lead.



Mid-Level Designer. The role either neither at the bottom or the top of the designer roles. It shows that you have had an entry level of experience, have worked on some ambitious projects either solo or team based.They end up doing the largest work load. Advertising agencies, marketing companies, dedicated design firms, these are filled with mid-level designers.

Senior Designer. As the lead designer the description is in the title of the job. Would be working with the production teams, shaping the projects,  the schedule, resource allocation and time assignments. To be able to get the job you would have to have worked within agency’s or freelanced to a high level for over five years, and to have experience in previous job roles.

The senior designer is the one who reports to the creative director and goes through updates on various projects. Direction from the creative director is often filtered through this person to the team. Then passed onto the Mid-Level designers.

Art and or Creative director. You have reached it the pinnacle of the job, your at the top of your game, you have your own office not a cubicle. Quite often this comes with years of experience. They would typically do more managing than actual full on design work.

Creative Directors know how to maximise the potential of their teams. All the major work and jobs are filtered through them and they have the ultimate say. A big part to play in the client relations. Meetings, planning, phone calls, emails, lunches, dinners, long flights and presentations.


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