What is the role of a Graphic Designer


What do we understand is the role of a graphic designer. How has it changed over the years. If so, how an why.

A Graphic designer communicates & captivates its clients alongside its audience , through ideas that inform & inspire. Using several different techniques ranging from the traditional to the technical.

Traditional techniques are probably not so prevalent in today’s society, yet there are great to go back to an explore. Those good old pen, ink and paper techniques to create hand drawn images, which have been a big part of visual communication through design. Which is potentially being lost through technology an the need to be able to draw.

Technical Techniques, allow the designer to explore multiple ideas quickly, with more detail. Its an advantage within today’s society . as the need for production speed is getting more an more.

As we understand the role of a designer can range, this can be dependent on the skill set. Due to the influence of technology within design, the skills are constantly being updated. Allowing the designer to communicate there work in the most accessible & legible way possible. As a designer you will be a part of the concept, brief , design development , progress meetings, project meetings & the production.

A designer captures creativity in an aspect of roles. Ranging from websites, packaging, books and magazines, visual branding and identity’s, advertising, exhibitions and displays and possibly computer games.Motion graphics. There are an every growing range of fields a designer can go into.

Starting as a graphic designer, you will explore a few roles. Specialising in different aspects of design from, marketing communications, digital media, corporate identity, publishing,  print, packaging, advertising, layout etc. Each sector would be relevant to the certain set of skills that you have acquired.

Task included could range from , finding out about the project requirements, estimating the time the project will require, and providing a cost quotation.Coming up with design concepts that fit the clients needs, you and a team or perhaps a solo job.Creating final designs, working to a deadline and budget. Changing any designs according to the clients final comments and needs. Proofreading and preparing the final designs to be sent to print.

Jobs can range from, junior designer, Marketing Designer & lead designer.

Junior Designer role. As the junior you would typically get put with the senior creative staff, to undertake a wide range of ambitious & innovative projects. To have an understanding of typography, layout, the basics of design, and be forward thinking to apply them to the relevant project.

Skills required in the adobe suite collection. Be a confident designer, believe in what your saying an trust your actions. Need to show that determination to lead.

Lead Designer role. As the lead designer the description is in the title of the job. Would be working with the production teams, shaping the projects,  the schedule, resource allocation and time assignments. To be able to get the job you would have to have worked within agency’s or freelanced to a high level for over five years, and to have experience in previous job roles.



Image- http://idsgn.org/posts/graphic-design-referenced/


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