Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey is iconic for making sociopolitical art, allowing a statement to come through his work, whether that be political or environmental.A street artist following in the footsteps of Keith Haring & Jean-Micheal Basquiat.

One of his first stickers he created was an ode to Andre the Giant who was a wrestler , at the time he was at Rhode island school of design. Due to it being so widespread it caused reactions. This was an experiment in Phenomenology , the act of putting an artefact into the public view, and creating a reaction from nothing.


The Andre the Giant, got changed over time into what he is most famous for the Obey logo.

His iconic poster of former President Barack Obama was adopted as the official emblem associated with the presidential campaign. The work focused on this propaganda, portraiture, and political power, structure. The series of posters won Shepard the Brit insurance design of the year.

The poster really demonstrates the power of communicating ideas and aspirations from the very bottom level. It really captured the Hope an aspirations that many African Americans where looking to change, and with Obama making President this was seen as a real life aspiration for thousands and thousands. It breathed new life into a form that had lost its purpose, or so many thought.

It wasn’t a mass marketing campaign , that cost millions of pounds. Just a self initiated and funded campaign. It goes to show how much impact one poster can have on such an already influential campaign.


Recently Obama is no longer President of America, unfortunately it has been turned over to Donald Trump. Shepard Fairey again to it upon himself to create a range of posters that would hopefully have the same political impact as the first did, and still does.

He created a series of posters.Having the same posterised style and palette of red, beige and blue. Three new designs, created for nonprofit organisation the Amplifier Foundation.



The above posters where commissioned by the Amplifier Foundation for Donald Trumps inauguration which was on the 20th January 2017. A kick starter campaign helped to fund the project. The posters where printed and handed out to be stuck onto placards, boards anything.


Images –


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