Referencing is a way of showing that you have understood and researched appropriate sources, from a wide ranging collection.

Its a crucial part of showing you have successfully researched, it should be a way of showing your academic practice, through enhancing your study. Gives the marker a chance to trace back your sources an give you credit for the work.

When quoting you have to know how to go about doing that properly, there are a few ways in which to reference. Different forms apply to varying quote styles, this can be from books,films,journals, internet sources etc.

The Harvard referencing , is the most commonly used, across universities to apply to essays. Nowadays there are sites like RefMe that can find that Harvard reference for you, so you can apply it to the given essay.

A citation is the acknowledgement that you have referenced someone else work within your work. Harvard reference styles uses author editor & year of the work published, this is then then citation.

You can reference anything. From a film,TV,journal,web source, book, signage, quotes.

Referencing will include these varying pieces of information shown below. Just in different orders.

  1. Year published
  2. Title
  3. City published
  4. Publisher
  5. Pages used


When referencing a book with one Author, you would do so in the following style. (Have chosen one book to display many styles of referencing that applies)

Evamy, M. (2007). Logo. 1st ed. London: Laurence King Pub.

Will most likely use Citeme or Refme when looking into referencing for an essay.



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