Zines are magazines or fanzines, just a smaller version. A Self-published book, article, artefact and the publisher doesn’t answer to anyone. There Small, self-distributed print run, to keep overall costs down. More often than not motivated by desire to express oneself rather than to make money. Generally Outside the mainstream & Low budget.

Wide range of zines, having discovered.

The 24 hour zine. The zinesters as they are called start from conception to production within twenty-four hours. Seems like quite the challenge.Pushing the artists boundaries.

Illuminati Girl Gang is a zine dedicated to showcasing female perspectives in art and literature, they have been showcased through Dazed and confused. The IGG would fit into the Art Zine. The Art Zine being a collection photos collages, all the artists own work.

Hato Press a London based company, specialise in zines. They use the Risograph printing method. Quite an outdated method, being brought right back into the twentieth century. The risograph is an old printer that uses Eco-friendly oil, an creates a minimal amount of waste, its extremely cost effective. Similar method to screen printing.


A zine is a very cost effective way of getting your work out there as a young designer. It can help broaden your horizons, bring in new clients, expand your work.

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