Paula Scher

Paula Scher is an American graphic designer and illustrator, she currently heads Pentagram.

She is extremely well known for creating iconic pieces of typography. The design she creates communicates with audiences through the use of pop iconography, music and film.

Have a few examples of her work below.

Syncopated is when you have various objects in order and one if off. She applied this method when designing for jazz. The logo consisted of this thin lettering, the ‘A’ was blocked in. ¬†It was said to her that the guys involved in jazz where a bit off, much like the square peg in a round hole, she linked that connection by putting a square hole inside of the blocked out ‘A’. Very clever link to the artists involved at the club. Using the roundness of the ‘A’ acting as the round hole.



Public Theatre was another project. It was all about being loud , urban and out there. They had a tap theatre known as Noise Funk. The typography connected to the original of the theatre, but it was all out connecting to the production.It was designed to look like it made noise, to be bright and bold. They where linking into what was happening in New York around that time.

noise funk.jpg


Its clear that she illustrates the page with her type.


Images –


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