Massimo Vignelli

Massimo Vignelli was an Italian born designer who moved to America. His work covers pretty much every field of design from advertising, identity, packaging, to product, industrial, interior and architectural design.

He was a big fan of modernism, through his work is always very clear and concise with no clutter or unnecessary material. Showing his love for modernism and the simplicity behind that.

Modernism was a big movement it covered a wide range of disciplines in the design industry. Graphics design prior to the modernism boom was quite a cluttered experience, with typography being elaborate, or overly decorated.

When the movement took place, grid systems where put into place, the use of negative space to highlight the work.Typefaces used in the Modernism era include Franklin Gothic, Monotype Grotesque, Futura, and Helvetica Neue.

His best known works include, the subway system created for the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority in 1966 , to this day it remains to be one of the studio’s most well-regarded projects. It was the clearest an most concise piece of design work.

He had sacrificed geographical accuracy for clarity. The colour coded routes where linked by dots which where each station, either going of at a 45/90 degree angle. As stated the map received an incredible amount of complaints regarding the actual accuracy of the design.


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