Theoretical Frameworks

Graphic design is a visual communication tool, used throughout the world for a wide range of applications. Certain frameworks and theory’s can be applied to design. Going to discuss the range of theoretical frameworks, surrounding design. How these frameworks have been adapted over the years, how us as the viewer perceive certain frameworks, and whether the designer can alter a view using a framework in connection with design.

Visual communication conveys a message to the reader, interpreter, or an observer. This reader then interprets a message depending on his or her prior knowledge and skills,  as well as there socio-cultural background.

A couple approaches are , the rhetorical approach. This analyses how images and texts are configured to convince or persuade people. Then we have the Semantic approach, this treats the visuals as text. The pragmatic approach looks at the processes of production and reception of visual artifacts.

Feminism started as a movement in the 60’s, it was the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. A movement empowered by women who wanted to make a stand. Feminist artists sought to influence cultural attitudes and change certain stereotypes. No one style depicted the feminist movement, it was a range of art forms.

The Chicago Women’s Graphics Collective organised in 1970 , it was seen as a growing women’s liberation movement.They used silkscreens to create big prints in large quantities on a low budget.


The founders of the Graphics Collective wanted their new feminist art to be a collective process in order to set it apart from the male-dominated Western art culture. Each poster was created by a committee of 2 to 4 women led by the artist/designer.

Thousands of posters were sold all over the world until the Graphics Collective dissolved in 1983.

Karl Mark was a philosopher & economist , who believed in the equal distribution of wealth leading to his hate for corporations. Marxism was a belief that one day there would be no classes.

Great example of visual communication from the 2013 winner at the Red dot Design Awards.

0508 Freedom of speech



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