Lance Wyman

Researching logos & the designers behind them. Been looking into what makes a logo memorable. Why designers use certain practices , methods etc to create logos, that time an time again stick within the mind of the consumers.

Came across Lance Wyman. Lance is an american born graphic designer. His speciality is in creating systems for cities, transport systems, events & institutions. Having a huge impact on the field of environmental graphics.

Environmental graphics embraces a range of design, from architecture to graphics. Its the idea of shaping and creating experiences that help the connection of people within systems.

Lance is widely recognised for the Mexico 1968 Olympics logo work. The first time the Olympics had been staged in a Latin american country, therefore the budget was a little tighter than previous years, this is when it became apparent that graphic design was to play a huge part , rather than the architectural buildings highlighted in previous Olympics.

The team was consisted of varying talents, within different sectors of design. Eduardo Terrazas role was Urban Design. Beatrice Trueblood involved in the Publications. Manuel Villazon ran the student design team & finally Peter Murdoch, was in charge of the special projects.

They had two requirements they had to stand by, using the original Olympic five ring symbol and that is transferable in three languages , Spanish , French & English. The logotype follows a style of the era with a kinetic typeface. Embracing the Mexican folk art along with pre-Hispanic patterns.  Mexico & colour work well together, using those colours to map out the stadium,and the maps to each venues.

The logotypes and icons worked on a very streamline effect. Being able to be placed upon any application , to spread the work.


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