Edward De Bono

Being a creative minded person, your generally put to the test to be inventive, to think outside the box, to create something out of the ordinary. There are several methods designers use to generate ideas, when the creative wall hits.

Lateral thinking is a process of moving from one created idea, but systematically trying to create new ones.

Edward De Bono quoted here “Lateral thinking is concerned not with playing with the existing pieces but with seeking to change those very pieces.” Lateral thinking is the art of attacking the problem from the unsuspecting angles, to rearrange the pieces to from a new route to solve said problem.

Edward De Bono coined the term Lateral thinking. He was best known for inventing the six hats. By mentally wearing and switching these hats, you as the designer can easily focus or redirect thoughts.


The six hats consisted of:

  1. White. The facts hat, just need to provide the information only.
  2. Yellow. Exploring the positives, looking for the value.
  3. Black. Would be the devils advocate.
  4. Red. Signifies feelings, emotional connections.
  5. Green. Creativity new ideas an processes.
  6. Blue. The hat that observes the practices of the other hats.


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