Oxen Research

Having presented the three mock up logos, for our animal based project. Out of the three that i had created the Ox was chosen.


Researching into the Ox , where it comes from, what its associations are, the culture & traditions surrounding the animal, can this all be linked into the suggested oil company that is being branded.

Ox also known as a bovine cow in Australia and India, traditionally used heavily by farmers as a draft animal. Very similar to a cow, differs in that Oxen are used predominately for farm work, where as cows are used for dairy. There known to have strong traits,  be hardworking , powerful & an ability to learn.

The importance of the cow in modern Indian Economy, is highlighted through the source of fuel provided via the cows dung. Deforestation has effected there original fuel source, without high incomes, the average indian cannot afford to sustain the original fuel source. Therefore they turn to the animals. The Oxen’s dung burns slowly & cleanly , providing 40-70% of fuel for cooking. The rest is used on the fields and crops as a fertiliser. The cow provides several worthwhile causes for the farmers.

The Indian culture sees cows as a sacred and spiritual animal. Most states of India, the slaughter of cattle is prohibited and their meat may be taboo. If it wasn’t for the cow Indias agricultural sector , wouldn’t have lasted as long as it has. Hindus being nature lovers and worshippers, decided to make the cow sacred. Way back when the cows influenced the Indian Economy making it rich in agricultural terms.

Cows in India often have there horns decorated. They are painted, objects hung of them , at certain times and events of the year.At Festivals the cows are often highly decorated.

To link this into the logo work. The associations lend themselves well to the identity of an oil company, strong/hardworking & powerful. Going to look into the textiles & patterns surrounding India, see if i can implement them upon the horns, or the head.


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