Fuel Companies

Researching into the logos of fuel companies. As branding an oil company. Looking to see if there is any correlation between the logos, use of colour, type, shape , tone of voice, etc.

Have a collection of recognisable logos from around the world. Going to see how the mass oil companies have developed over the years.


Texaco. An american oil brand, that is quite iconic today on a global scale.The first trademarked logo featuring a five pointed red star, linked into the lonely star of Texas. The designer Romeo Miglietta based his design on the colors that resembled the Italian flag.

Reverting back to the 1981 logo today. Still holding as much iconic power as before, keeping the same colours throughout the update, keeps recognition to a high amongst the public.




Bp. British petroleum is a multi national & global company. Use to be called Burmah Oil swell as  Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, due to the source of the oil and where the British had interest to dig for it.

In 1954 it officially became BP.  Its said that in the 1920’s a competition was launched among the staff, the wining design was created by Mr A R Saunders.

With no brand guidelines there was no colour scheme, varying colours of the logo where branded, until there was some consistency enforced within the company. Within the uk the original logo was branded red.

The most updated version of the logo, has a green colours scheme, with a hint of yellow. Suggesting perhaps the new environmental side of BP, the yellow hinting towards a brighter future within the industry.

bpAdvert from the 1930’s. Displayed on the side of the delivery trucks.


Shell. Over the years has changed the shape of the shell, from a flat black and white logo, to the distinctive shell with bright colours today. The Word & shell sign, have been connected to the original founders, Marcus Samuel and founders.

The shell is said to have been taken from one of the founders families coat of arms.

The strong bright colours where introduced in 1915 in California. The red and yellow helped the shell stand out.It linked into the colours of Spain, where many early Californian settlers were born. Perhaps by displaying Spanish colours it was hoped an emotional bond would be created.


Sinclair. An American oil company. One of the biggest privately owned companies still going. They used a silhouette of a dinosaur in there logo.

Taking it one step further they created a ‘Dinopark’ , where the public could come and look at this giant Sinclair dinosaur. It travelled around 25 states.

The logo has updated a fair bit over the years, but keeping the main component the dinosaur.

353c800bcb05d6c48e372ea46bf4e1b6.jpgMobil. An american oil company that has merged with Exxon to become Exxon Mobil. The design hasn’t changed much from 1966, this is due to the iconic nature of the design.

The horse also known as pegasus is a strong figure , going in the direction of positivity. The use of red and blue has two effects on the consumer, the red bringing out the passion they have to deliver a quality service and product, and the blue linking into the reliability and commitment they have as a company towards the consumers. mobil-logo-evolution



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