Richard Prince

Richard prince has made a career out of taking other peoples images, altering them slightly and making an absolute fortune out of it.Am indeed sceptical about his work & how he goes about it, its is clever or outright stupid, is it art?

Appropriation is the work of artists taking already existing artefacts/object and images and using them. Applying there own little alterations. The objects could be everyday objects, or elements of other art pieces.

Appropriation is seen as acceptable form of art, within the art world. But morally is it ok , to take someone else’s recognised pieces, change them an gain more respect for altering there piece. Is a somewhat daring style of art, to blatantly steal from someone else, he isn’t the first artist to thrive from this style. Andy Warhol with the campbell’s soup cans.


It pushes the boundaries of plagiarism. Even though these apparent boundaries of authenticity and originality are even more blurred than ever before. Anyone can now call themselves an artist and recycle then re-upload images, text and audio material more quickly and easily than ever before. Due to the high rise in technology within todays society.


One of his most famous appropriation artworks was that of the marlboro cowboy. Richards picture is a copy of the photograph (Ektacolor photo) ,of a copy the advertisement. The image promotes the all American lifestyle, vast plains big blue skies, promoting freedom of the american man. Richard Prince just took out the Marlboro advert & pack of cigarettes, which left you with the cowboy galloping. It does make you then appreciate the photograph a lot more than before, you may have just flicked the pages of the magazine so use to seeing the Marlboro advert it wouldn’t consciously enter your mind anymore. By taking the advert out it enhances the photograph , giving it greater meaning than before.





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