Gerard Huerta

Gerard Huerta is a high recognised lettering & logo designer. Creating trademarks and logotypes to mastheads. Working at CBS Records and later as a freelance, designing albums with an specialism on typography.

To create a logo that is timeless and instantly recognisable is something that Gerard Huerta did extremely successfully. Created such logo as Time/ACDC/Type directors club.


The ACDC logo is probably one of his most recognised logos, it was designed in 1977. Its a huge part of their appeal, immediately identifiable and religiously worshipped. Simplistic letter form made up of entirely straight lines, with a bevel effect.  The lettering was suppose  to resemble the albums slightly biblical message.

Sharp design and consistent visibility are conducive to a logo’s effectiveness, this is what Huerta stands by. This can be seen throughout his branding and logo designs over the years.

Images –





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