Art Movements 80’s

An Art Movement can be described as a certain style, that has influenced a certain group of artists at that current time, with a philosophy or goal in mind, to create social change, or be a part of influencing that.

Have been specifically looking into the 1980’s to 1989, an what movements where started there and why. Found out there where quite a lot of movements through those years in which going to explain each, an how they where affected or affected that time period.

Graffiti is an expressive and creative art form, often using signs & symbols. Graffiti has been around since the dawn of time, with people etching into cave walls. It took off in the 70’s and has its prime in the 1980’s. Using colourful spray paint murals on walls, buildings, and even freight trains, the artists strived to improve their art, which is constantly changing and progressing.

Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring where very iconic graffiti artists in the 1980’s. Jean-Michel Basquiat brought the African-American and Latino experience to the elite art world. He was strongly graffiti based and counter cultural practice could become a fully recognized, critically embraced and celebrated artist.


Keith Haring is most recognised for his ‘Crack is back’ mural. The mural was a piece dedicated to his assistant Benny who suffered from a crack problem, at the time is was also quite a social problem in New York. He created drawings in white chalk upon these blank paper panels throughout the subway systems. He had quite a staying power of his imagery, which has become a universally recognized visual language.


Appropriation is taking possession of something. The artist wants you to recognise the images & bring the associations that you already have built up, yet the context would of changed. This can be applied to a painting, sculpture or whole exhibitions. It could be seen as plagiarism, but that is what this art movement is all about.

Richard Prince is highly recognised in appropriation art. One of his exhibitions consisted of stealing Instagram posts belonging to several young women and selling them for vast sums of money, to get around the U.S copyright law , he simply added a comment to the images before printing them and therefore intended to transform the meaning of the image.What he did is called recontextualisation , changing the original comment that is intended with the image, to something else.


Installation art can either be a permanent or temporary installation. It can be placed into any space imaginable, public or private. Using a broad range of materials , from the everyday, which emotes security in these objects we see regulary , an changing our perceptions. The use of video and sound is seen as a new media. Eberhard Bosslet was a prominent artist of the 80’s, he won a very prestigious award Bremer Artprize. He was interested in architectural spaces, using the space to show the industrial aspects. His paintings where clear geometric shapes.


Live art is when the artist choses to work directly in front of them or an audience, to create a reaction from there movements. The spectator can enjoy thew or in there own space and time.

Marina Abramovic is  one of the most recognised live artists. Her pieces range from solitary work to group exhibitions. She worked closely with her ex husband Ulay, they devised a lot of live pieces together such as,  walking the length of the china wall from opposite directions to break up with each other. One of there most iconic pieces was a part of 22 performances, that where travelled around the world, it consisted of seven hours a day of concentration while sitting motionless ,at both ends of the table, facing each other, with their profiles towards the audience. She later recreated this in 2010 at MOMA, the following link to a documentary about there work. Marina Abramovic Artist is Present.



Art movements within the 80’s where a broad range of technological leaps, along with strong political messages. It was a time to show that people wanted change, an through collections of art & artists this was shown around the world.

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