Colour & Meanings


As discussed in previous blog post Colour, culture and learnt meanings can influence how we perceive a certain brand or logo.

Colours can bring up certain emotions , these can change through the saturation of that colour also.

Colour is also integrated into our day to day lives, through yearly events being associated with certain colours. Easter being yellow, Christmas being red. These are associations learnt through the media.

We had a list of eight colours of which we had to apply our own meanings behind.

Pink – Feminine/Girly/Baby’s/Newborn/Valentines Day/Childish.

Red – Passion/Love/Danger/Lust/Anger/Rage/Health/Luck/Long-life/Stop/Warnings.

Blue – Cold/Sea/Naval/Royal/Patriotic/Calm/Formal.

Green – Energy/Environment/Outside/Health/Nature/Wealth.

Yellow – Bright/Happy/Fun/Insanity/Selling power/Ideas/Easter/Motherly/Spring/Inviting.

Silver – Age/Dull/Cold/Industrial.

Black – Death/Funeral/The end/Darkness/Void/Empty.

White – Purity/Health/Marriage/Virgins/Hospitals/Holy/Power/Mental/Serenity/Spooky.

The above associations are those of my own. These have been learnt by artefacts i see around me and the media i have been influenced by.

Within different cultures the associations i raised would be completely alien to them. For example in china red is seen to be a very lucky colour, were as here we see it as a warning colour, presented on road signs, warning labels etc, but then again it is also seen to represent love and passion, a very opposing emotion to warnings or danger.

Looking at the above list of colours again to determine why certain brands use certain colours , what are they trying to emote, why different business sectors use certain colours.

Pink – Warmth and sweetness. Feminine and caring. Bright pink is youthful. Candy stores. Dementia charity has used pink within there logo, which works with the warm and caring aspect. Quite soft colour not to garish to look at.

Red – Emotes strong emotions regarding passion & intensity. Encourages your appetite, hence why there are a number of restaurants using red, Macdonalds, Kfc, Coca Cola and Heinz. Creates a sense of urgency, has been seen in the use of sale & clearance signs.

Blue – Associations with water, tranquility and peace. Male orientated. Perceived as a constant in life, the sea and the sky. Increases productivity, which explains most offices being blue. Corporate colour. Creates a level of trust within the brand. Dell a computer company is a blue logo, fits around the office corporate , style of business, an consumers they are aiming to get to buy there products.

Green – Health and nature. God sign of wealth colour of money. Represents new growth. Sign of fertility.Quite a relaxing colour. Instant connection with green energy, the start of something new in technology. Android logo is of a green robot, lining into the new technology.

Yellow – Creates a sense of warmth and happiness. Stimulates work processes. Can also be staring o the eye dependent on the brightness of the yellow, can also be heard to read on certain backgrounds, causing eye strain. A liberal colour. Youthfulness and optimism. Nikon uses a block of yellow, there consumers are that quite youthful & adventurous.

Silver – High-tech and modern. Certain level of class attached, privileged. Prestigious and elegant. Wide range of car brands use silver within there logos, linking into this high tech prestigious connections. Level of craftsmanship is associated with silver.

Black – Power, control, authority. Sophisticated and seductive. The unknown. Seen as cutting edge an trend in relation to the younger generations, can be shown through clothing companies adidas & DC. The older generation connect black with high class car companies, selling luxury and elegance. Rolls royce being one of the most upmarket car dealers.

White – Innocnent, purity , cleanliness. Simple design. New beginnings. Normally used as a background colour, to let other colours reflect from it, stand out more.

Colour & Meanings – Really nice set of graphics, with a set of colours and there associated meanings.




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