Brand Guidelines


A stylised guide as to how and where all aspects of the brand are to be displayed. Like a set of rules to apply to protect your artwork, to make sure it is shown in the correct light, using the right colours, typeface, positioning etc. Establishing an overall framework, showing whoever how to effectively implement your brand.

Some companies will go into the upmost detail regarding the brand, taking it to quite a complex level. This is dependent on the audience of that intended brand, an how many platforms it would be spread across. The document could range from an a3 spread to a 40+ page document.

Details included in the guideline would be

Colour – Specific colour values, would be shown through hexadecimal references. Dependent on how many platforms the brand would cross, you may have a specifications regarding , press, web & screen. How the colours can be used or altered. Generally would have a black and white logo , an other varying colours.

Typefaces – The style used from that font & when to use that certain style. Sizes , where that would differ across different advertisements, from business cards to billboards. The fonts should be made easily accessible or offered as a download, due to the high cost of some popular fonts.

Safety Zone – How close objects & text can be placed to the logo. Cant encroach on the safety space, this is normally displayed in grey around the logo.

Maniplations – Altering the logo. How much they will let you change the size or angle. Some may also specify what you can’t do to the logo e.g. can’t change the font, or colour. Alternative logo sizes & versions, best to keep the most up to date logo displayed.

Application files – Apps. Would have a  range of sized logos to apply across different phone systems. IOS & android being the most popular.

Meaning – How you want the logo to come across , what tone do you want the viewer to take from the brand. Would specify how you want your brand to be seen & displayed.

Usage – Where the brand designs can be displayed. What words can be used to describe the brand voice. That can be put alongside the logo. Seasonal changes can apply, not everyone will have a set of seasonal brand changes, quite prevalent in big game brands.

There is a wide range of specifications to adhere to when creating the guidelines. When rebranding you would have to change the original guidelines, this could lose some integrity within the brand, recognisability also. Good to keep it simple an interlinked to previous versions.

As a designer we can become quite precious about our work. Make sure that you make it clear what you want out of the guidelines, as you don’t want someone to deface or use your  brand incorrectly.

A guideline shouldn’t be textually heavy, is should be visually pleasing.

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