Otl Acher


Otl Aicher was a prominent figure in German design in the late twentieth century. Also a co-founder of the Ulm School of Design.The Ulm School Of Design focused on an inter-disciplinary work and design analysis, it rejected design as an ‘artistic activity’ and spread through industry to all walks of life. Very successful in the field of design.

Within graphic design Aicher’s most famous work is said to be the Munich Olympics identity system, the iconic posters an highly influential imagery. It sets an ongoing standard for future design being so prolific. Creating such flow between all aspects of the project.

Creating this set of pictograms was meant to provide a visual view on the sport. He created pictograms using a series of grid systems and a specific bright colour palette, that was used throughout the Olympics that year. Used the typeface Univers for the designs.

The simplicity that runs through the designs, is pleasing to look at.The use blending colours to impact on the given sport is clever using the blues for sailing, relating to the ocean, recognisable colour system. The logo on most of the posters is placed in the same place also creating a pattern to each poster, we then get use to seeing that, an create our own pattern.


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