Neurath & Arntz


Otto Neurath was the leading figure of Isotope.He was fully engaged in the use of visual methods for explanation and education after he set up the Social and Economic Museum of Vienna.

Then Gerd Arntz gave Isotype its distinctive graphic style.Otto asked Arntz to collaborate with the Social and Economic Museum of Vienna, he liked the style that ants had created regarding the isotopes, he brought a fresh new look. Developing his method, later known as ISOTYPE, International System Of Typographic Picture Education.

Arntz designed close to 4000 isotype  signs, which showed keydata from industry, demographics, politics and economy. Through becoming more knowledgeable about society an economics around us they where able to create recognition of directly illustrated and straightforward images in a clear structure,  for people who could not, or hardly read. Wanting to overcome the barriers of language on a worldwide basis, in my opinion they where on point, an managed to fully succeed.

Standardisation is the way in which the both believed that if there was a basis for which data is to be shown then it becomes standard and coherent. Using the same icon for a man, but changing it slightly buy adding a hat could show a specific job.


Gerd Arntz



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