Lee Hodges Designer

Lee hodges is a illustrator come general ‘art wizard’.Has a vibrant style, using a lot of colour, an array of unique illustrations. He likes to create a sense of rhythm through use of colour, texture, shapes etc he likes to think the illustrations will bounce around the page, with this sense of rhythm. Original sketches then inputted into the computer to be touched up, through graphics tablet.

Studying at falmouth & bournemouth art colleges, specialising in illustration. Dj in his spare time with the rambunctious social club which is a unique club/arts experiences, penned as ‘Clubbing for the creatively curious’ they aim to pull in the party goers in a more interactive, ‘come and play’ fashion.Where he stems a lot of his inspiration from,with the music an art collaboration as an overall creative director.

He has had a range of work ranging from album artwork, festival posters, royal horticultural society. His style runs throughout all pieces.

2_Panel Right-Side-Pocketfb0fc934486891-57a0af75706ec


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