Networking is the key to finding new projects and clients, learning tips from other designers, and promoting yourself and your business.Being able to get your work out there on several platforms, enhances your professional career.

Remember always be friendly and courteous, never be pushy or rude. Act professionally and create a positive image of yourself.

There are several avenues you can go down, going to explore some below.


Its one of the leading online platforms, that allows you to showcase and discover creative work, from designers around the world. You can appreciate other peoples projects and follow there work. It allows you to broadcast it widely and efficiently, adding in key words to your projects will help others discover you.A free venture run by Adobe.



Is for the business community, its a professional online cv. Allowing you to emphasizes skills, your employment history and education. People can then endorse and rate your skillsets, if you have worked with them in the past , an they are connected with you on linkedin. A platform where you can create yourself work, whether that be freelance or full time. Another free platform.


A space where you can upload videos & motion graphics. Members can then choose between free packages or paid. Free options allow members to employ a number of creative tools in order to enhance there videos, add music tracks an many more options, it just limits your on the space you can upload every week. Where as if you pay the space increases allowing you then to upload more work. Can also collaborate with people through the site.

Adobe Spark

Is a free web and mobile solution that lets everyone create visual content , that you can share across multiple social platforms. Its a rolling page where you can add images, videos etc. Quick simple way of creating an effective website. Can have several sites, depending on what you are displaying at the time.


Is also a free platform.Has a micro blogging style, with posts only allowing you to write so many characters. Where as the above you have to approve the connection between you an others, on twitter anyone can follow anyone. Adding has tags to posts, will allow a wider audience to connect to your tweet. Less professional compared to the above platforms.


A free online photo sharing application. Can be used as another portfolio. Similar to twitter in that you can add hashtags allowing the work to reach a wider audience.


Once you have connected yourself to all of the above, you can interlink  them all. Saving you time, allowing you to post from one and it then being displayed across all platforms. Having your networks interlinking will improve activity.


Images –

GitHub – 3lvis/Networking: Simple HTTP Networking in Swift a …


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