Illustrator Shapes

Exploring the use of shapes to convey as emotions, using Adobe Illustrator. Given a list of 20 emotions, three shapes, cycle/square & triangle & three colours, red/blue & yellow. We had to manipulate but not warp or change the substance of the shape, whilst trying to convert a certain emotion.

Opened Illustrator, created a 210/210mm. Creates a square.


Draw three shapes. Circle/Square & Triangle. If you hold shift whilst creating a circle & square it will create the perfect shape. Each side the same, an the perfect circle.


Go into View, click show grid, makes it easier to draw the precise shapes. Can alter the size of the grids in Illustrator CC/Preferences.


There is no preset triangle shape. Use the pen tool , to create bezia/anchor point. Create three lines, an connect the last one, to the original point. it will make the while shape. Hold & drag to create curved anchor points. Drag different ways to change the angle of the curve.


Change the stoke point to 0.00. The shapes will stand out as white structures. Hard to see on the below image.


Go to the swatches. Colour in each shape, on red/yellow & blue. According to Kandinsky, we would have coloured in the shapes in a certain style. He states that a dull shape (circle) deserves a dull color like blue. A shape with interest like a square would be the colour red. The triangle being a more dynamic & interesting shape , has a more interesting colour being yellow.



I didn’t follow the pattern stated by Kandinsky. Went quite opposite , apart from with the circle, followed the Blue.


We then got given twenty emotions. Ranging from Happy, Lust, Hopeful, Hyper, and many more. We had to then use the shapes to convey that given emotion. Count warp or give transparence to the shape, could use multiple shapes, overlaying them etc.

The following images are my takes on how shapes can convey a certain emotion.


Changing the shapes to take on the humanistic style, making it look suprised. Pictogram in style, making it look like what its representing.


Using the whole canvas to portray loneliness. Using the white space to full effect. Maybe should of put the circle in the left corner as think its where you eyes are naturally drawn to.


Big bold circles, taking over the image, while a small yellow triangle is lost amongst that, making the shape look shy, in comparison. Size of the shapes has an effect on what people may think, an how they read the work.


Creating a confined shape, where the circle is stuck in the middle of all the triangles, with no way out.


Using two of the same shapes, but using scale to define them. Red is a more predominant colour on the page, an create a sense of danger. Where as the blue is small an cold hiding away. Envious.


Created a set of stairs, to show the red ball jumping off into the blue paddling pool. Sense of daring.


Using a solid pattern an then altering the last shape. instantly notice the triangle amongst the circles, its clearly lost amongst these.


Trying to imitate a thought bubble, using the bright yellow to capture the ideas. An create a sense of hopefulness.


Just piling on loads of shapes, overlaying them, using an array of colours, yet keep a slight sense of uniform. A lot to look at as quite a small canvas the shapes are taking over the square. Hyper.


Creating a cloud out of the blue circles, overlaying them over an over. Association of objects through the use of colour, much like the lighting bolt, its not the best one i could of made out of shapes, but by the colour an vague shape, people can guess what it is. The circle is small an afraid.


Again making the shape take on a human style, wearing a party hat, an closing a noisemaker. Relates to happy. Should of made the circle yellow, being a warm colour.


Images :


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