Pens what Pens

Workshop entitled Pens what Pens, ran by Paul a professional Calligrapher. Aim of the workshop was to show that you could make untying interesting & exciting letter shapes from almost anything. We brought in a selection of tools, that where found from around the house & on my way to uni, an array of objects ranging from string, paintbrush, train ticket, toothbrush, sponge, gold coins, foil etc.

The first task of the day was to use the objects that we had collected an create on A2, brush strokes from the objects. Using any available item as a pen. You could stand up sit down listen to music, to see whether that would change they way that you used the objects. We wrote down next to each mark what the object was that made it. Really good fun being able to get messy an get involved, with ink an just have an afternoon of create & make. Nice to see what you could use to create different stores, some came out better than expected , even creating really great strokes.



Getting messy an getting involved.


This was using an array of objects each named next to the stroke. The chopstick made a nice double stroke line.


Just using a green scourer, made quite heavy an thick lines towards the beginning, but moving the scourer around an manipulating its shape, changed the stroke style.


Using a plastic fork. Abstract lines a shapes, from turning the fork whilst drawing the stroke. Created some thick lines using more ink an being heavier with the fork. Interesting how one implement can make so many different style stores.

Second task of the day , consisted of using an implement that you liked an writing certain words. We had corrupt, fear, pure, destruction etc. The words being opposing to one another.


Using the back of a spoon, using the edges also. I wrote the word order backwards to create the effect of no order. Giving these fading lines, through the letters, creating a break in the order.


The word Corrupt.  Made using a gold foil coin. Tried to imprint the coin as the O but didn’t work as wasn’t as embossed as thought. ITs messy for a reason, to show the chaotic world of the corrupt.

Introduced to the Neuland alphabet, an basic calligraphic practices. We explored the work of Rudolf Koch, he was a multi talented artist. We tried to replicate his work.


We got given a representation of the Neuland typeface, using a Calligraphers tool, we where made to replicate the style of his work. Lot harder than first expected, it was all about not moving the nib of the pen. As that created curves, it was all about having the nib flat to the page.


Next challenge was to write words in the style of Koch. This was my result at the end of the calligraphy workshop. Need to improve on not moving the nib of the page, keeping it flat. Think overall its quite a uniformed style. That followed the not leading between letters, very much a style of Koch.


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