Designers Republic


Much admired design company, that started in the late 80’s an came to an end in 2009. Set up by Ian Anderson & Nick Philips. They stood for anything anti-establishment, which in this time of design was becoming more prolific. Based a lot of there works, using slogans that where eye catching, often a play on words. Sheffield north of nowhere, separated them from the designers in London.


The overall style of was bright & playful, described as maximum minimalist. Using futuristic typefaces, that wouldn’t look out of place now. Using minimal graphics big type, that you had to turn the page for it to be legible. Timeless style over the years. They have become a collectable design agency. With pieces selling for hundred & thousands of pounds, there displayed in the V & A.



Known for a lot of album artwork, described as the design gurus associated with electronic music.


Oriental style to a lot of there work. Using geometric shape styles. Glitching them from normal guides an grids. Like the use of of grid shapes, an styles, adds a futuristic vibe to the overall style. Yet keeping that on point through most covers. Easily recognisable as an agency.

In the 90’s they set up a another company called Pho-Ku  , intended to be phonetically read, and a big fingers ups to consumerism.

They where the top design company, for quite a long time, with a lot of big name companies wanting them to produce work. Pepsi is an internationally renowned company, wanting TDR to design some advertisements. Agreeing to the work, only on the condition that they had full total design control. Charged them an incredible amount of money, but when they displayed the finalised work, its was stating that Pepsi where shit. They still got paid an they work was never published. Did try to find a copy of the work, but no luck, assume pepsi didn’t want the world to see it.

There a get fun company, with a lot of great ideas that would also play a great part in todays society, being anti establishment, being the people that push the boundaries to get a reaction.


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Designers Republic



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