Joseph Muller Brockman

Joseph Muller Brockman was another pioneer in swiss design. He was a teacher & designer, who studied architecture an the history of art an design, at the university of Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich.

Opened a studio in zurich, specialising in graphics design , exhibition design & photography. Was also  founder & co-editor of the Neue Grafik (New Graphic Design) which spread the principles of Swiss Design internationally. He was a pioneer in teaching others about the ways of Swiss design.

Created the gird system in which everyone uses to visually communicate. The way our eyes are drawn to certain objects before others, he was a pioneer of changing the way we looked at design. Aspired to a distinct arrangement of typographic and pictorial elements, the way they sat on the page.

Governed by these set of rules, it urged the legibility of the design. That was a ket feature, being able to communicate in the easiest way.




Two examples of Brockmans work. Just by looking at it you can clearly see this structure to it. Every item on that page has a specific place. He utilises the use of the grid incredibly. Doesn’t appear to complicate the page.


Images –


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