Wim Crouwel

Wim Crouwel was somewhat a big figure in the design world. He gained pleasure out of organising visual information in an aesthetical context.Using grids an guides to create form , therefore going more context to the piece at hand.

Related in a way to the Bauhaus movement of Swiss design. Bauhaus movement was all about less is more in architecture & design, a very modern technique that was seen as quite shocking at the time. It was the ultimate functionality through design.

He founded total design wanting to professionalize the fundamentals of the design discipline , it changed them into pioneers of design who had to create integrated design programs all by themselves.

Typography was a strong point of Wim Crouwels design. The use of the strict grids helped create well planned type. He has published two of his own typefaces, Fodor and Gridnik.


They both follow this rigid grid form. Giving it this architectural rigid style. Quite playful an almost looks slightly pixelated the fodor font.

Linking into our Alphabet grids, we followed the concept of Wim, using the strict grids, to create a typeface.

Alphabet Typeface

Images :




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