Unconventional CV

Unconventional is not conforming to what is generally done or believed.

As a graphic designer being able to stand out from the crowd to a design agency could be the difference in getting the job and not.

Have to think first an foremost whether creating something that is unconventional can be cost affective, does it weigh to much, is it to bulky to put in the post, overall printing costs.

We looked at some examples, have chosen a couple that are below, some great examples of taking that next step , going that extra mile to get that dream agency job.


Brian Moose


Incredibly creative idea to tailor make this case for Pixar.Appreciate the time an effort that has gone into this. Its is directed towards the intended audience, the case being authentic an the ageing of the Micky Mouse sticker was done by Brian. The incredible amount of time an effort that has gone into creating such an idea, is amazing. Unfortunately he didn’t get the job .


Infographic Style CV.

Has a wide use of typographic skills, great use of the space. Adds a level of fun to the CV with the images created , keeps them simple. Good use of colour to highlight certain factors of the CV that are essential to others. Not to crowded overall, got a fair bit of information regarding skills & the level of those.




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