Personal Typeface

Chose Futura, to keep a flow throughout my experimentation book. When creating the personal Typeface.

Using the typeface we had to create a face using the letters, manipulating them in different ways, changing the anchor points, scales, size & weight of the type to see what results could happen.


Experimentation one, was a very literal take on the type, didn’t manipulate any part of the type. just changed the size an weight of the letters and rearranged them into a face shape. The E being the mouth, the P being a patch i used to wear on my eye when i was younger, the H is the framing of the glasses.

Its quite a literal response to the task, not a huge level of creativity to give it the characteristics of me.


Experimentation two. Thought was a lot more creative an inventive use of the letters. Added create outlines to all these letters, an moved most of the anchor points, to add a personal touch to the typeface. The H does look like an A from further away, having showed other peoples, so have to alter that. To my eye it looks like a H but i did create it. Using the P to create the patch effect on the eye.





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