Hybrid Alphabet

With matt we got tasked to create a hybrid alphabet. We all choose between 5 fonts. Univers, Gill Nova, Joanna Nova, Futura or times. I choose Futura


Then used the letter we had been using through other experimentation tasks with matt, mine was a H. Blew it up to fit on the entire page, then highlighted the letter, created outlines, drew a rectangle format box over half the letter, we could choose to split the letter in half however we wanted. I drew the format box over the bottom half of the H, leaving the arch of the type legible.

The using pathfinder we subtracted the bottom half , resulting in cutting it in half.


Then copied that across two pages. Moved around the classroom to another computer. You then had to choose a different font that was fairly opposite to the original on the page. An blend them together.

The results of my work.


The computer i moved over to had used an R, in times font. Changed it three times using Futura, an Gill Deco Nova. I like the flow of the second r with the R half complete at the top, yet still being recognisable.


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